Informatics Services
Informatics Services:
- Recovery of Data (Pictures, Documents), deleted Partitions, deleted Files for:
- Computers: Windows, Linux, Mac
- Mobile: Iphone and Android and others Devices
- Protection against loss of data (cloning) identical copy of the Harddisk
- Computer Protection: Installations of Antivirus, Firewalls and Antispyware
- FTP Server (File-Server) Installation, Configuration for:
- Windows FTP Server: 2003, 2008, 2012
- Linux FTP Server (Open Sources System)
- Mac FTP Server
- Installation of Operatingsystems: Windows, Linux, Macintosh, FreeBSD, Solaris and other Arquitecture

- Consulting, Optimization about Internet Abonnements, Installation, Cabling, Network installations of

Lan & Wireless
- Webdesign Consulting, Installation, Configuration, Updates
- Webseite: Analysis and Consulting
- Hosting Optimization
- HTML, JavaScript, PHP Technologies or CMS
- Development and maintenance of CMS
- Operative: editorial, creation of Text and Pictures for CMS:
- Flash Applications
- Technologies with Dreamweaver CS4, Flash CS4, Golive, Photoshop, Gimp
- Social Media: Online Presence, Groups, Blogs etc
- Google Earth-, Google Maps- Applications: Account & Incorporating of Google Earth
- Website with incorporating of Facebook
- Buying advice for PCs and Printers
- Installation, Configuration for all CMS
- Individual PC Support, Construction, enlargement of Components
- Individual Informatics Solutions
- Print Support:
- Software installation and Configuration (USB, Network: LAN, etc)
- Cabling, Test
- Toner-, Cartridges-, Fuser-change and maintenance
- Wiping Installation of Wipe-Server and Implementation:
Solution for highly sensitive data
- Server Support, Repair, Construction and maintenance
- Repair of Computers, all Marks, Typs and Modells
- Recycling